“Don’t have an emergency in the afternoon or at night” Rankin’s healthcare crisis gets worse at Fishermen’s Memorial

News that the Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital Emergency Department will be closed from 1:00 pm to 7:30 am for the next 10 days is one more reason for the people of Lunenburg to vote for fixing healthcare.

Lunenburg PC candidate Susan Corkum-Greek says that by every possible measure, healthcare is getting worse in the constituency under the Rankin Liberals.
“More people are waiting for a doctor. Paramedics are stretched to the limit without adequate ambulance coverage. Seniors are waiting for long-term care.  Now our own emergency department will only be open in the morning,” said Corkum-Greek.  “Emergencies don’t just happen in the morning. It’s clear that after eight years of the Rankin Liberals, Lunenburg residents are being left with 'don’t have an emergency in the afternoon or at night.’ This must change.”
PC Leader Tim Houston is the only party leader that has made fixing healthcare his number one priority.  His Solutions for Nova Scotians plan will:

  • Recruit and retain more physicians;
  • Provide universal mental health care – making Nova Scotia the first province in Canada to do so; and
  • Invest in dignity for our seniors, with more beds, more nurses, more staff and more support for independent living.

“Lunenburg residents can’t afford the risk of four more years of the Liberals neglecting healthcare,” added Corkum-Greek.  “The choice in this election is clear: Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis or Tim Houston’s healthcare solutions.”