Iain Rankin’s Liberals - one standard for men; another for women

1. A few months ago, when accusations of bullying and misogyny by Liberal communications staffer Stephen Tobin forced former cabinet minister Margaret Miller out of politics, Iain Rankin didn’t investigate the accusations into his hand-picked advisor.  He didn’t even call his long-time MLA colleague.

"Stephen has treated me with repeated disrespect, and I've witnessed his behaviour with my female colleagues. To reward such behaviour is something I cannot condone and I can't even fathom the thought process that allowed this misogynistic behaviour to happen."
-- Margaret Miller, CBC May 7, 2021

2. Last weekend, senior Liberal campaign officials forced their young, female candidate in Dartmouth South to not only step down, but to lie about the reason why.  Even more shocking, they trivialized Nova Scotia’s mental health crisis by telling her to say she resigned because of her mental health issues when the reality was she was being forced out.

“I explained to multiple people of the course of my application that if/when my photos were to come out, there would be a teachable moment for the community and province.  This screams gender inequality from all angles, why should I be ashamed of my body and what I decide to do with it?”  

 -- Robyn Ingraham, Instagram, July 2021

3. Iain Rankin, at the time a 30-year old son of a longtime Halifax Regional Councillor, was approved as a Liberal candidate in 2013 with two drunk driving convictions - one of which was later overturned on a legal technicality.
Under Iain Rankin’s Liberal leadership, a woman was denied a Liberal candidacy over photos deemed inappropriate by party insiders.

4. In 2015, as Liberal caucus chair, Iain Rankin hired Kyley Harris as a researcher in the Liberal Caucus Office.  Harris was the former communications director to Premier Stephen McNeil who was convicted of a violent domestic assault.  Rankin hired Harris when he was still on probation for a domestic assault conviction.  Harris was then named Liberal campaign media contact in the 2017 election, before public backlash caused him to resign.

“She was a Liberal insider. Her boyfriend was premier Stephen McNeil's spokesperson, Kyley Harris. After he assaulted her, the party turned its back on [her] and supported her abuser. Enough is enough.”

The Coast June 2017

5. Iain Rankin’s chief of staff Joanne Macrae is reported to be earning an annual salary of  $131,200.  Iain Rankin’s principal secretary Dale Palmeter has a reported salary of $141,400.  The chief of staff is the most senior position in the Premier’s Office, yet Iain Rankin made sure that the more junior ranked male - principal secretary Palmeter - makes $10,000 more.  Why does Iain Rankin value his male advisor more than his female advisor?

Allnovascotia.com, April 15, 2021