A PC government would change bear cub policy

A Tim Houston PC government will allow regulated wildlife centres to rehabilitate injured and orphaned baby black bears, said Halifax Chebucto PC candidate John Wesley Chisholm.

Nova Scotia is one of a handful of provinces and territories that does not rehabilitate black bear cubs if they are orphaned. Under Liberal government policy, the Department of Lands and Forestry instead kills the orphaned baby bears.

“Nova Scotia black bears are a barometer for the health of our forests and our concern for the environment.  Published research proves that orphaned bears can be safely rehabilitated and released,” Chisholm explained,  “It’s just the right thing to do.”

Last week, Houston and Chisholm visited Hope for Wildlife to discuss the Liberal policy of killing orphaned black bear cubs and the bureaucratic troubles the centre has faced.

“Government and community working together to make positive change in our natural world is truly exciting,” said Swinimer, founder of Hope for Wildlife. “With the support of Tim Houston and the PCs, I am even more hopeful for black bear rehab and the natural environment in Nova Scotia.

Swinimer submitted a proposal to the government asking permission to rehabilitate orphaned black bear cubs.The proposal was rejected after almost a year.

“The only thing holding Hope for Wildlife from beginning this important work is the Liberal government,” Chisholm concluded. “A PC government will allow them to use their expertise  to help injured and orphaned black bear cubs.”