Allan MacMaster to represent Progressive Conservatives in Inverness

INVERNESS – Allan MacMaster will be the Progressive Conservative candidate in Inverness in the next provincial general election.

First elected in a 2009 by-election and re-elected in 2013, 2017, and 2021 elections, MacMaster has been effective in both opposition and on the government side of the house to bring results for the constituency of Inverness.

Local healthcare delivery, and infrastructure like roads, high speed internet and cell coverage have been a focus for MacMaster while serving the people of the western side of Cape Breton Island. He has also made a difference for pensioners, survivors of sexual abuse, and for jobs supported by local employers.

He has worked across political party lines with a strong and compassionate voice in the legislature, that has always put people and communities above politics.

“People deserve to feel listened to and well served by their elected representative," said MacMaster. "It's crucial they see the tangible improvements in their community, such as essential road repairs and support for critical infrastructures like nursing homes. I'm proud to have delivered on these commitments for residents of Inverness thus far."

Over the last three years there have been a number of achievements to show for that work and to fix what was broken under the previous Liberal government, including:

  • Doubling of road maintenance budgets and tripling the effort to keep roads a priority;

  • Increasing healthcare budget investments by 36% since 2021 so people have better access and outcomes; additionally supporting health professionals as they have a better place to work;

  • A soon to be released tender for better cell coverage and continued work on high speed internet to support our local economy.  Two of four new trunked mobile radio provincial towers will be located in Inverness County to improve cell service and communications for our local first responders;

  • Investments in local volunteer organizations to maintain our community rinks, ball fields, playgrounds, trails, courts, and community halls;

  • A new health centre in Port Hawkesbury, serving 6,000 patients and removing 650 from the list of those waiting for a doctor in the constituency;

  • Replacement of nursing homes in Cheticamp and Port Hawkesbury;

  • Over $50 million to support wastewater treatment plants, drinking water improvements, and new paths and trails in our communities; and

  • New government owned housing units in Grand Étang, Port Hawkesbury, and planned units coming for Inverness.

“The people of the constituency of Inverness have elected me four times and I have always done my best for them,” said MacMaster. “With their continued support, we can keep making our region and our province a better place.”

MacMaster is a key cabinet minister in Premier Tim Houston’s government, serving as Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance and Treasury Board, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage, Minister of Labour Relations, and Minister of Gaelic Affairs. 

“Allan MacMaster has been instrumental to our government’s success to date,” said Houston.  “I need Allan back as MLA to continue the work of our government to build up the constituency of Inverness and all Nova Scotia. We can’t go back to a government that ignores healthcare, neglects seniors, fights with workers, and supports the Liberal carbon tax.”