Barkhouse nominated as the PC candidate for Chester-St. Margaret's

CHESTER-ST. MARGARET’SDanielle Barkhouse will be the Progressive Conservative candidate for Chester-St. Margaret's in the next provincial election.

Since being elected as MLA in 2021, Barkhouse has been a tireless advocate for residents of Chester-St. Margaret’s and delivered concrete results to fix what the Liberals broke, including:

  • Nearly $350,000 to Bonny Lea Farm to help with the costs of heat pumps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • $2.78 million to the Village of Chester to improve the wastewater system for surrounding communities.

  • $400,000 towards the rebuild of Chester Playhouse after fire damage.

  • Commitment to protect almost 4,000 hectares of land, wetlands, and water for future generations at Island Lake Wilderness Area.

  • Over $1.3 million to help repair and complete excavation work to the Puddle Bridge after a recent fire, ensuring people can access the community facility.

  • Nearly $243,000 for St. Margarets Bay Community Transportation Society.

  • Upgrades to the Black Point Community Centre’s building.

  • Over $233,000 for the Municipality of Chester Community Wheels.

“I am proud of the work we have done so far to support Nova Scotians and build up our province,” Barkhouse said. “Premier Tim Houston’s PC team has been working hard to deliver meaningful solutions and I am honoured to represent our team again in my constituency.”

Barkhouse serves as Deputy Speaker of the Legislature and is an effective member of the standing committees on Community Services, Health, Public Accounts, and Veterans Affairs. In addition, she serves on the audit committee and house management committee. Before Barkhouse became MLA, she served as councilor for the Municipality of Chester for two terms.

“Danielle truly knows, understands, and cares for the people she represents,” said Premier Houston. “She is their voice in government and a valuable part of our PC team.”

With investments to six volunteer fire departments of $20,000 each, Barkhouse is supporting fire operations and emergency responses in Chester-St.Margaret’s.

The Houston government is improving the lives of Nova Scotians by hiring more doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals, lowering taxes by indexing tax brackets, and investing in our seniors with the Seniors Care Grant.