Here’s the truth: Our economy won’t truly grow unless our workers and our middle class grow with it.

We know the tired ideas of the past decade, won’t get the job done. Our PC team will, with the Better Pay Cheque Guarantee.

We understand that businesses need flexibility to grow and expand, and that employees need wages that keep up with the high cost of living. We also understand that Nova Scotia needs to attract businesses and workers to the province. This plan helps with both.

Under this PC solution, businesses who employ workers in Nova Scotia will have the option to pay their taxes to their employees in salary - rather than paying it to the government. The framework will allow companies to put money back into their workforce, to leave other provinces and set up shop in Nova Scotia.

A growing workforce will put money back into their communities and public services like healthcare and education.

  • Businesses can put 50% of their taxes towards a wage subsidy for employees. For example, if a business has 20 employees and pays corporate taxes in the amount of $200,000, up to $100,000 may be used as either wage increases or bonuses for existing employees.
  • Employers could also choose to spend $100,000 on hiring new staff.
  • Employees earning in the top 20% of a companies payroll are not eligible for this wage subsidy
  • The distribution is at the discretion of their employer to allow for flexibility with the company’s pay scale.
  • The money must be reinvested in the people, working in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotians are counting on their next Premier to go toe-to-toe with Ontario, with Alberta, with Quebec for industry, skilled workers, and for jobs. That starts with a belief in what our province can do.

Where hiring is out of reach for many, we will incentivize it.

Where good paying jobs are hard to come by, we will normalize them.

This is a plan for workers, not for the rich.

This is a plan for entrepreneurs who build up and employ us in cities and towns.

Companies can either pay their employees a better wage, or they can pay that money to me as Premier - and I'll put it into healthcare. There is no in between.

This isn't ‘trickle down economics.’ This plan punches trickle down economics in the nose.

With the growth of your business, our population and the economy, we are sending a signal to every company in Canada and around the world that Nova Scotia is a competitive jurisdiction, a beacon for economic opportunity and open for business.