Brendan Maguire to represent Progressive Conservatives in Halifax Atlantic

HALIFAX - Brendan Maguire is the PC candidate for Halifax Atlantic in the next provincial election.

Maguire has passionately served the people of Halifax Atlantic for over a decade, joining the PC Party in February to help build up Nova Scotia and deliver real solutions, including: 

  • $49,500 to replace the school playground at William King Elementary; 
  • Support with renovations at Herring Cove Junior High;
  • $80,000 to support the Osborne Connector Project, creating an accessible trail that will connect Long Lake Park trail to the HRM active transportation network;
  • $150,000 to help the Sambro & Area Community Association conduct a feasibility study for the development of a new community centre that will include a shoreline gazebo and, in future, a floating dock that will provide barrier-free fishing at Grand Lake in Williamswood; and
  • More affordable housing in Halifax Atlantic, including 48 residential units and commercial space in a mixed-use building on up to four hectares on Herring Cove Road.

“Leadership and vision are important to me, something I know Premier Tim Houston shows while having an unmatched drive to invest in Nova Scotians and their families," said Maguire. “I am proud to support and run for Premier Houston alongside the PC team in the next provincial election.”

Elected in 2013, 2017, and 2021, Maguire has been an active member of his constituency and  serves as Minister of Community Services. In politics, Maguire has held roles like Deputy Speaker of the Legislature and Minister of Municipal Affairs. Before his role as MLA and Minister, Maguire was a technician for the Halifax Water Commission and a sales representative.

“Brendan Maguire is a strong, effective voice for the people of Halifax Atlantic as part of my team,” said Premier Tim Houston. “I need Brendan Maguire back at the Legislature to continue our work of fixing what the Liberals broke across the province. We can’t go back to a government that ignores health care, neglects seniors, and fights with workers”