Brian Comer: Post-Secondary institutions can't be ignored

Today, Brian Comer, PC critic for Labour and Advanced Education wrote to Minister Kousoulis asking him to open a dialogue with the Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers (ANSUT).
In a Zoom meeting, Comer along with PC colleagues Dave Ritcey and Colton LeBlanc were informed that the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education had not made contact with the association. ANSUT wrote a letter to the Premier on April 28, 2020 and has not heard anything from the governing Liberals.
“Our universities play a vital role, not only in inspiring and educating future leaders, but through their philanthropic and economic benefits that are woven into the fabric of communities across this province,” says Comer. “We need to ensure that they feel supported, and I find it extremely disappointing that the Minister hasn’t been in contact with them.”
“We have seen no indication that our requests are being heard. Student tuition is increasing this year at its 'typical' rate, which is the maximum 3% as regulated by the MOU. No additional government help has been forthcoming, and thus far, no one in the governing Liberal party has agreed to meet with us,” says Scott Stewart, President of ANSUT.
Comer says communication is key.
“The pandemic has been very challenging for everyone, but with the work that Nova Scotians have done and flattened the curve, they are ready for what’s next,” says Comer. “We know that September for returning post-secondary students will be different this year, but let’s make that transition as smooth as possible by working with all stakeholders.”
Comer is hopeful that his letter is actioned and that the Minister will reach out to ANSUT sooner rather than later.