Bryden Mombourquette is the PC Candidate for Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier

Bryden Mombourquette is the PC Candidate in Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier for the next provincial election.

He is an educator and a small business owner with extensive experience in management, marketing and sales.

Mombourquette considers operating a business through the pandemic to be one of his most significant challenges. He says that clear, confident leadership is needed to lead the province through its economic recovery.

“I’m proud to be joining Tim Houston’s PC team because right now Cape Breton needs strong, straightforward leadership with realistic plans that make sense for our communities,” says Mombourquette.

Mombourquette first met PC Leader Tim Houston at the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market and credited his genuine interest in Cape Breton’s regional challenges with his ambition to join the PC team.

“From the moment we began to speak to each other, I knew Tim Houston to be a leader who listens and is engaged. It is because of Tim’s leadership that I feel now is the time to be involved in politics and to use my voice to advocate for Cape Breton,” says Mombourquette.

Born and raised in the Ashby area of Sydney, Mombourquette taught school in South Korea before becoming the Overseas Marketing Manager for the Korean Electronic firm Taeyang Electronic Co Ltd.

After moving back to Canada, he became Cape Breton’s only Starbucks Coffee Master before turning his attention to operating his own businesses.

“Bryden is a genuine person and an incredibly hard worker, who I know will be a dedicated voice as MLA for Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier,” says PC Leader Tim Houston. “Bryden understands the challenges of owning and operating a business in Cape Breton and will be a strong asset to our team as we work to revitalize the Cape Breton economy.”

Mombourquette is in the fourth year of business as owner of The Gaslight Cafe, which recently hit a milestone of selling over 25,000 pies. He and his partner Seung Hyun (Nathan) Park live in Sydney.