Cape Breton PC MLAs call for better access to testing

Today, in the wake of record-high COVID-19 positive cases, four Cape Breton MLAs are calling for increased access to testing on the Island.

Keith Bain, MLA Victoria-The Lakes, Brian Comer, MLA Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg, Allan MacMaster, MLA Inverness, and Murray Ryan, MLA Northside Westmount, are all calling on the government to put more COVID-19 resources into Cape Breton. An official request has gone to the Premier requesting more rapid testing.



"There needs to be a significant increase in testing sites all over the CBRM, not just in centralized areas. I have no doubt Cape Bretoners will volunteer and answer the call if more testing sites become available.”
Brian Comer, MLA Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg

“I hope there is a move immediately to offer increased mobile testing across the Island and allow an opportunity for those who cannot travel great distances to get tested. We saw this lack of resources with seniors trying to get vaccinated, it can’t happen during an outbreak too.”
Keith Bain, MLA Victoria-The Lakes

“There are also many community centres and rinks across Cape Breton that sit vacant and could be ideally suited to testing centres. I would be happy to initiate this process as soon as possible."
Allan MacMaster, MLA Inverness

“We’re seeing a surge in CBRM, and we can’t allow it to spread any further. It’s time for the government to stop the damage done by opening the province up early and allow for testing across Cape Breton.”
Murray Ryan, MLA Northside Westmount