Chris Palmer to represent Progressive Conservatives in Kings West

KINGS WESTChris Palmer will be the PC candidate for Kings West in the next provincial election.

Since being elected in 2021, Palmer has actively supported the residents within Kings West, fixing what was broken by the Liberals in the constituency, including:

  • $500,000 for recreational lighting and trail upgrades in Greenwood.

  • $177,000 to Mid Valley Physician Recruitment and Retention to support their recruitment and retention work.

  • The establishment of two pharmacy care clinics in Berwick and Greenwood.

  • Investment of $250,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Annapolis Valley.

  • $24 million invested in road and bridge work for Kings West.

  • $25.3 million for the Highway 101 Cambridge Interchange and Connector.

  • An estimated $87 million to Grand View Manor’s new 140,000 sq ft, two-storey building that will be home to 144 residents as early as mid 2026.

  • $3.6 million to Berwick Centennial Community Solar Garden to help build the 2.4 MW Berwick plant.

  • $35,000 invested in upgrades to the Kings Mutual Century Centre.

  • $100,000 to the Evangeline Club for its therapeutic gardening project and to continue providing a supportive space for individuals living with mental health challenges. 

“I am thrilled to run again with Premier Tim Houston’s PC team,” Palmer said. “I know the work our government is doing has had a positive impact on the residents in my constituency and I look forward to continuing these important steps in the years ahead.”

Palmer is Chair of the Standing Committee on Human Resources and Veterans Affairs. In addition, he sits on the Health and Natural Resources and Economic Development committees. Before becoming MLA, Palmer was a financial advisor for over 22 years and is the lead singer in the popular gospel band Sonlight.

“Chris Palmer cares about people. That’s what makes him such a good MLA,” said Premier Houston. “He works tirelessly for the people who elected him and is a valued member of our PC team.”

The Houston government is improving the lives of Nova Scotians by hiring more doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals, lowering taxes by indexing tax brackets, and investing in our seniors with the Seniors Care Grant.