Calling on Churchill to Condemn Carbon Tax

HALIFAX - Winter is coming, and skyrocketing fuel and heating costs will make it a very challenging season for many Nova Scotians, says Shelburne MLA Nolan Young, criticizing the Trudeau government for imposing punitive carbon taxes. 

The Houston government has been consistent from the start: addressing climate change is essential, but imposing further taxes is not the solution.

In the middle of unprecedented inflation, Young continued to condemn the carbon tax describing it as an ineffective and harsh measure. The PC government believes the path to a cleaner, renewable sector should involve offshore wind development, green hydrogen, tidal power, and harnessing the Bay of Fundy's potential rather than burdening Nova Scotians with additional taxes. 

"We are calling on Zach Churchill and the Liberals to decide whether they support the carbon tax or stand with hard working Nova Scotians," says Young. “The carbon tax is making life less affordable and it’s time the Liberals join Premier Houston and stand up to their federal Liberal colleagues and oppose the Liberal carbon tax.” 

The PC government has offered Ottawa a sensible plan for a greener future that would lower emissions without implementing a punishing carbon tax. These proposals were rejected by the Liberals.

In the fall of 2021, the Houston government introduced the nation's most robust climate change legislation, encompassing 28 explicit targets.