Closure of NB and NS border worsening the health crisis

The restricted access to the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia border means Cumberland County residents have gone three months without their normal access to diagnostic tests like MRIs, pain clinics and  specialist appointments. Patients with new cancer diagnosis' have also been refused appointments.



Progressive Conservative Cumberland North MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is speaking out and says this is another example of the Premier failing to pay attention to the ongoing border issues.

“Since the State of Emergency was enacted, the Premier has been out of touch with what is happening at the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia border,” says Smith-McCrossin. “There has been miscommunication, inconsistencies, and now it’s coming at the expense of the health and wellbeing of Nova Scotians. It’s unacceptable.”


A patient who had a referral to an ENT specialist at the Moncton City Hospital received a fax last Friday denying them service with a one sentence explanation.


“Because of the pandemic, we are returning and not accepting new requests for out of province patients. Thanks”


With the Health Committee and Legislature shut down by the Premier, there is nowhere to discuss these issues, says Smith-McCrossin. The deaths of Nova Scotians in Long Term Care homes, the refusal to call an inquiry into Northwood and the mocking of telemedicine all point to a government that is still unable to fix their own health care mess.


In April, Smith-McCrossin volunteered to speak with the government staff via phone call (the only contact between political parties during this pandemic), but the offer was not accepted. 


“If the Premier cared to engage with the opposition in a meaningful way during the pandemic, maybe we could have sorted these issues before someone gets denied medical access,” says Smith-McCrossin. “The Premier and his staff should have cared enough to have this phone call.”