Confusion around school COVID-19 closures

The following is a statement from Tim Halman, MLA for Dartmouth East and PC Critic for Education:


Errors are human nature, but when they impact families they need to be addressed as quickly as possible.
Yesterday, two communities were sent scrambling after a Liberal government error resulted in the wrong school being closed due to a COVID-19 connection and the potentially exposed school having to call parents to pick up their kids after classes had already started.
There is no excuse for this error not being addressed right off the top of the Premier’s COVID-19 press conference yesterday. The Premier and Public Health share this podium to inform the public and sometimes that should mean addressing their mistakes.
COVID-19 press conferences are not about presenting the good news before an election, they are about informing the public of health concerns.
Parents, teachers, and students already live with the daily anticipation of waiting to see if their school receives a COVID-19 closure notice. It’s neither sensible nor helpful that these notices are typically not sent out until after 10 pm, leaving parents scrambling to rearrange their schedules and find childcare.
As a parent, a former educator, and the Official Opposition’s Critic for Education, I ask that the government take their responsibility to inform communities of school closures seriously. And that means using your podium to address mistakes and getting this information to parents before they and their children are off to sleep.