Corkum-Greek backs small business’ call for fairness during COVID lockdown

The PC candidate for Lunenburg is throwing her support behind a request from small business owners to level the playing field with big box stores during the current lockdown.

Susan Corkum-Greek “whole-heartedly” endorses a letter written by Lunenburg Board of Trade chairman Jamie Myra to MLA Suzanne Lohnes-Croft, also Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

In it, Myra calls upon the government to take action to “make sure businesses are playing by the same rules.”

“It’s not enough for Dr. Strang to admonish people about buying new sandals at Costco – though he’s absolutely spot on,” says Corkum-Greek. “Small businesses need more than catch phrases. They need decisive action.”

Right now, shops along Lunenburg’s Lincoln Street and main streets across Nova Scotia are largely closed as part of a province-wide lockdown. Myra’s family-owned clothing store, Stan’s Dad and Lad, is among them and he accepts this. He believes measures are needed to deal with the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

What isn’t okay, says Corkum-Greek, is that while the government has forced Stan’s and similar small businesses to close, it hasn’t provided adequate support to sustain them.

“If the government is going to shut businesses down, it has to have a plan in place that helps them survive,” says Corkum-Greek. “Announcements that suggest property tax rebates are the answer to seeing business through this, shows this government does not understand the needs of most business owners, who pay rent on their properties.”