Cumberland County urging government to reopen women and children's health services

The community of Cumberland County is deeply concerned about the delay in the resumption of maternity services at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre. Progressive Conservative MLA for Cumberland North, Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, is asking Minister Delorey to determine when the maternity services will return to the Health Care Centre.


The women and children’s inpatient unit at the Regional Health Centre closed due to COVID-19, leaving patients with an hour drive to Truro to receive care. As the reopening plan is put in place, the community of Cumberland County is anxious to learn when the maternity unit will reopen for deliveries.


“The maternity unit at the Cumberland Regional Health Centre is a vital component of women’s health care,” says Smith-McCrossin. “Rural women should not be disadvantaged when giving birth, their health is of no less value than others. The frustration extends to the lack of transparency on the maternity services returning to Cumberland County.”


The plan was to reopen the maternity unit on June 1, but was delayed due to staffing issues. The continued closure of the women’s and children’s inpatient unit at the regional health centre due to COVID-19 puts additional stress on the community that relies on the facility for health services.


“Nova Scotians have done what was asked of them to keep everyone safe during the pandemic and now people want a plan for essential health services returning to our community,” says Smith-McCrossin. I hope the Minister addresses the nursing staffing shortages to reopen the women and children inpatient,” says Smith-McCrossin.


Doctors, nurses and community members want a solid reopen date. They want to see that commitment from the government to prioritize women’s healthcare in all parts of our province.


Women and Children’s health have been a priority for Smith-McCrossin and she encourages Minister Delorey to announce a reopening date for the women’s and children’s inpatient unit.