Danielle Barkhouse will run for the PC Party in Chester-St. Margaret’s

Tim Houston added another healthcare worker and entrepreneur to the PC Party’s roster of candidates when Danielle Barkhouse was nominated to run in the riding of Chester-St. Margaret’s.

Barkhouse is currently in her second term as a Councillor for the Municipality of Chester where she has led several significant initiatives, including leading the initiative for improved roads and infrastructure.

Having worked for 17 years as a health care worker, Barkhouse understands the need for a strong vision for Nova Scotia’s health care system.

“Tim Houston’s PC Party is presenting a true vision for health care in our province,” says Barkhouse. “I look forward to being part of a government that listens to frontline health care workers and makes the changes needed to move Nova Scotia forward.”

As an entrepreneur, Barkhouse managed two small businesses. Coupled with her background in health care and community leadership, her business experience will make her a strong asset to the PC Caucus and her community.

“Danielle has real-world experience that will make her a strong resource as we lead the economic recovery and revitalization of health care in Nova Scotia,” said Houston. “Danielle has a proven track record of fighting for the people she represents.  She will be a great MLA.”

Danielle is a single mother of three children and a passionate volunteer who continues to champion issues such as healthcare accessibility, affordable housing, seniors and veteran’s services, mental health, and rural internet infrastructure in her community.