Effectiveness, transparency Key to PC aquaculture plan

A Tim Houston PC government will stop fish farm expansion projects and put them through an independent, rigorous approval process based on science, said South Shore PC candidates Kim Masland and Susan Corkum-Greek.

“It is absolutely crucial that we get this right,” said Queens candidate Masland. “The PC plan will protect the environment and livelihoods by filtering out projects that don’t meet strict scientific standards.”
The PC Party will follow the recommendations of the Doelle-Lahey Report which proposes a classification system where green areas are suitable for fin-fish aquaculture, yellow areas have the potential to be suitable and need a more careful approach, and red areas that are unsuitable for fin-fish aquaculture.
“The cornerstones of the PC plan are effectiveness, transparency, and safety,” said Lunenburg candidate Corkum-Greek. “Every safeguard will be in place so that local residents can have confidence in the process.”
A PC government will establish an arms-length, independent process for complex projects. The PC plan requires an independent blue ribbon panel to be struck to provide extra examination. Projects will receive higher levels of environmental scrutiny before they can proceed, minimizing the risk of potential harm.
The economy benefits from certainty and communities benefit from the comfort of knowing that independent experts are the ones determining the environmental viability of applications before them.