Fact Check: Rankin cabinet minister decries treatment of former Liberal candidate

With an Iain Rankin cabinet minister now speaking out on the disqualification of former Dartmouth South Liberal candidate Robyn Ingraham, it’s time for the Liberal Leader to be accountable for the actions of his party.


  • Iain Rankin has been using Robyn Ingraham as a shield to avoid answering questions about what his inner circle did to her. Enough is enough. Robyn Ingraham doesn’t owe Iain Rankin a conversation, but Iain Rankin owes her a public apology and owes Nova Scotians an explanation.
  • In a media interview, Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister and Lunenburg Liberal Suzanne Lohnes-Croft described the disqualification of the former Liberal candidate for legally produced photos as follows: “this should not be taking place in 2021. Looking at people’s lives, their personalities, how they look - if we’re all equals and we are building a campaign on equity, inclusion and diversity, that is important. And we have to really have to change something.”
  • Lohnes-Croft also said she saw Ingraham’s photos a day before the election call.


If one of his cabinet ministers saw these legal photos, did Iain Rankin see them?  Again, by not being accountable on the sexist double standard applied by his campaign team, Iain Rankin is showing weak leadership.

The first change that can happen is a public accounting by Iain Rankin as to what exactly his campaign did. The next change is a public apology to Robyn Ingraham and holding those around him accountable for their actions.

Iain Rankin needs to stop swerving away from answering questions and start being straight up with Nova Scotians.