First Province House sitting in a year contrasted PC health solutions with Liberal soundbites

As the Legislature rises, PC Leader Tim Houston has pledged to build on the good ideas put forward by his team, and says that there is more work to be done to fix healthcare.

The PCs asked a total of 164 healthcare questions and tabled a total of 55 Bills, of which 33 of which were focused on putting forward solutions that would take steps to improve Nova Scotia's fractured health services.

“During this session, we demonstrated that PCs are focused on solutions for the healthcare crisis that has been damaging Nova Scotia since long before the pandemic,” says Houston. “Healthcare providers in Nova Scotia have been forced to make do with less for eight years of Liberal rule.”

The legislation tabled by the PC Caucus is drawn from their three detailed healthcare strategies: Dignity for Seniors, Universal Mental Health Care, and Hope for Health.

These bills would provide much-needed access to Nova Scotians to the care they desperately need, ensure that everyone on the waitlist for a doctor would have immediate access to care, cut down on the massive backlog of surgeries so Nova Scotians don’t have to wait three years in pain for a knee replacement, and tear down the walls of the two-tiered mental health system to give universal access for mental health services to all.

These Bills include:

These thoughtful plans, in conjunction with this well-researched legislation, demonstrates that the PC Party understands the issues facing Nova Scotians and have offered real solutions to fix the province’s health crisis.

Houston says that the Legislature provided a distinction between the styles of the Liberals and the PCs and a preview of the choice Nova Scotians will have.

“As we end this Session and enter election season, Nova Scotians can count on seeing soundbites from the Liberals with a proven record of failing the system,” says Houston. “They will see solutions from our PC team. We will continue to bring forward ideas, give voice to those Nova Scotians being neglected by the Rankin Liberal government, and give confidence for a safe and healthy future.”