Former NDP cabinet minister: Tim Houston the only choice to replace Iain Rankin

The only choice for Nova Scotians looking to end Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis is PC Leader Tim Houston

That’s the message former NDP cabinet minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse wants Nova Scotians to hear.

“As the NDP MLA for Chester-St. Margaret's from 2009 to 2017 and dedicated to the social philosophies of the NDP, I never thought I would ever encourage supporting the PC's. However, I had the privilege of being in the Legislature with Tim and have seen his incredible passion and concern for our province including the necessary skills to be the right Premier for Nova Scotia,” said Peterson-Rafuse, the NDP MLA for Chester-St. Margaret’s. “The other significant piece of information I learned was the important fact that the Nova Scotia PC Party is not beholden to the federal Conservative Party. Tim takes a balanced approach which certainly includes strong social and democratic values. In fact, the Liberals over the last eight years are the ones governing more on the far right.”
Peterson-Rafuse served as Minister of Community Services, Status of Women and Seniors in the Dexter government.
“After eight years of the Liberals, this is the state of healthcare under Iain Rankin: doctor shortages, nurse shortages, emergency department closures, people dying at home or lying in their driveways with a broken hip waiting for an ambulance, seniors who can’t get a long-term care bed, young people who can’t get a call back for their mental health issue. This election is too important to risk Iain Rankin and the Liberals staying in power,” added Peterson-Rafuse. “Nova Scotians looking for solutions, starting with better healthcare, need to vote for Tim Houston’s PC Team.”
Houston and Peterson-Rafuse served together in the Nova Scotia Legislature from 2013 to 2017.
“Denise was known as the non-partisan MLA who cared and fought for anyone who needed her help and she always stood for fairness and what is right.” said Houston. “More Nova Scotians are stepping up to support our Party’s campaign to fix healthcare. No matter who you have voted for in the past, no matter who you vote for federally, if you want to fix healthcare and elect a better government to replace the Rankin Liberals, I ask you to join Denise and Nova Scotians in every corner of our province to vote for change, vote for solutions and vote for your PC candidate.”