Greg Morrow to represent Progressive Conservatives in Guysborough-Tracadie

GUYSBOROUGH-TRACADIEGreg Morrow is the nominated Progressive Conservative candidate for the constituency of Guysborough-Tracadie in the next election.

Morrow has dedicated his time as MLA to building up the area, including delivering:

  • $700,000 towards the Canso Arena Fitness Facility’s new space.

  • $250,000 invested in upgrading the main office building of the Eastern County Regional Library (ECRL). 

  • $75,000 to help build a multi-use path on Old Hill Road.

  • Over $32,000 for the Guysborough Waterfront Development Association to improve accessibility through infrastructure and parking areas renovations. 

  • Support for bringing a new CSAP school to the Tor Bay Acadian region.

  • Help protecting the Archibald Lake Wilderness Area, an important part of the St. Mary’s River.

“Nova Scotians elected our PC team to fix the things that were holding our communities back,” Morrow said. “I can assure the people of Guysborough-Tracadie that even though we didn’t break things, we sure are trying our best to fix the problems and build up Nova Scotia.” 

Morrow was first elected in 2021 and is the Minister of Agriculture. He is also a member of the Treasury and Policy Board. Before serving his community as MLA, Morrow was a radio news director, who worked in the industry for over 23 years.

“Greg brings good humour and an enviable work ethic to every situation,” said Premier Houston. “He is a trusted member of our PC team who is a strong and vocal advocate for the people of Guysborough-Tracadie.”

With investments of $20,000 each in Tracadie, Havre Boucher, Aulds Cove and all 21 volunteer fire departments in Guysborough-Tracadie, Morrow is an avid supporter of fire operations and emergency responders in his constituency.

The Houston government is improving the lives of Nova Scotians by hiring more doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals, lowering taxes by indexing tax brackets, and investing in our seniors with the Seniors Care Grant.