Guysborough ER Closes as Rankin Healthcare Crisis Continues

The weak leadership of the Rankin Liberals is keeping the Emergency Room in Guysborough closed, but Iain Rankin still hasn’t addressed the healthcare crisis on the campaign trail.

The Guysborough Memorial Hospital's emergency department will experience closures every day this week, with the last notice on Friday, July 30th.

Last year, emergency rooms across the province were closed for a total of 63,332.5 hours, compared to 15,555 hours when the Liberals came to power in 2013. That’s an incredible 400 percent increase in only eight years.

“When people need emergency care, they should not have to go online to see if their local emergency room is open - they should expect those services to be available,” says Greg Morrow, PC candidate for Guysborough-Tracadie. “This election is a referendum on health care between the Rankin Liberals who will ignore the healthcare crisis and Tim Houston’s PCs who are bringing common-sense solutions forward.”

The Liberals’ mismanagement of health care has led to the NSHA in Halifax providing a warning to Nova Scotians to expect longer wait times for emergency service.

Ambulance Shortages are also an issue in Guysborough. Since the election campaign began on July 17, the Paramedics Union has declared a Code Critical in Guysborough 16 times.

The PC’s Hope For Health Plan will help reduce ER closures by bringing forward aggressive doctor recruitment, modernizing our healthcare, and building a health system that listens to the physicians who are trying desperately to bring change, but are ignored by the Liberal government.