Houston Calls on Premier to Denounce Sales of Equipped Retired Police Cruisers that could Cause Public Confusion

After fighting to force their own government to call a Public Inquiry into the mass shooting of April 18 and 19, families of the Nova Scotians killed were shocked to find police cars are still being sold in Nova Scotia on online marketplaces.


Houston is calling for the sales to be regulated, ensuring that sales of operable police vehicles must be completely decommissioned with no insignia, accessories or equipment that could reasonably lead to any confusion over the use of the vehicle.


“It was very upsetting to see that the province is still allowing these sales to take place,” said Nick Beaton. “It stirred up a lot of emotions.”


Beaton’s wife Kristen was shot and killed after being pulled over by a man driving a replica RCMP vehicle and impersonating an officer. Beaton, who working as a VON nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, was pregnant with the couples’ child. 


Recently, the public outcry in support of families forced two levels of government to commit to a full Public Inquiry of the shooting and the events leading up to it. One of the key concerns Nova Scotians want addressed is how the accused was able to get a replica RCMP vehicle.


“The Premier and Minister Furey suggested they wanted answers around how someone could get access to this type of vehicle,” continued Beaton. “And yet it’s still happening under their watch.”


The listings are still live on two separate online marketplaces. 


“I want to expressly denounce these sales as being in extreme bad taste, particularly given where we are in our history and the emotions we are all experiencing,” said Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston. “But without question, there is a concern for public safety here.”


He says he will introduce legislation to make those changes as soon as the house resumes.


“This is a public safety issue and we must protect Nova Scotians,” continued Houston. “I call on Premier McNeil to also denounce this activity and take action.