Houston: McNeil Liberal budget ignores the middle class

Houston: McNeil Liberal budget ignores the middle class Houston: McNeil Liberal budget ignores the middle class

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston says today’s McNeil budget ignores the middle class.

“We have hard working Nova Scotians who play by the rules, work hard and can’t get ahead in this province,” says Houston. “Unfortunately, the McNeil Liberals don’t seem to value their important contribution.”

Today’s budget amounts to a series of reactionary announcements delivered by a desperate government looking for good news.

“It’s not lost on many Nova Scotians that these splashy election promises will be too little too late,” says Houston. “Nova Scotians are tired of the government only making investments during an election year instead of doing the hard work and planning long-term.”

“They could have been making investments along the way, but now, it’s a big flashy election spend,” says Houston. “We could be talking about results, instead we’re talking about promises.”

Houston cites the 70 new nursing seats at CBU as a prime example. “For less than 1% of the surplus, we could be graduating nurses right now instead of starting them on their career path,” says Houston. “This is the result of election year financing.”

Houston also says the Liberal government is ignoring huge economic risks in this year’s budget.

It’s not clear if the 2020-21 budget is properly accounting for the impact of the closure of Northern Pulp and the hit our $2 billion forestry industry has taken. “This could impact 3,500 jobs and this government isn’t sure what that means for their own budget,” said Houston.

“Stephen McNeil needs to be upfront with Nova Scotians. They deserve transparency and honesty when it comes to the economy. Unfortunately we didn’t see that reflected in the books,” says Houston. “The Liberals must come clean.”