Houston, PC’s invest in rural roads, improve safety for travellers

Rural Nova Scotians will be able to count on repairs to old, neglected roads under a Tim Houston PC Government.

While the Liberals have allowed too many of our rural roads to fall into disrepair, Tim Houston and the PC’s have the solutions to make driving in rural Nova Scotia safer for residents, ambulances, and tourists.

“To ensure the safety and reliability of our roads, we have to look at areas that are in the greatest need of repair - predominantly, our rural communities,” says Houston. “While the Liberals have used our roads programs to reward their own constituencies, a PC Government will take politics out of the equation and make the needed repairs wherever necessary.”

The solution put forward by Tim Houston and the PC team is the most significant rural road growth plan in Nova Scotia history. It would double the Gravel Road Reconstruction Program (GRRP) budget to $40,000,000 and the Rural Impact Mitigation Fund (RIM) to $22,000,000 per year.

The PC Party recognizes the critical need for improving and growing our rural roads. The GRRP will fund projects including ditching, culvert replacement, brush cutting and a reconstruction of the road base with eight inches of gravel. At the same time, the RIM will proactively rebuild roads to improve the structure and drainage, resulting in longer-lasting roads, improved safety, and reduced maintenance costs.

“Community safety needs to be paramount. It is unacceptable that the Liberals have allowed some roads to deteriorate to the point where residents fear first responders may not be able to reach them in emergencies,” says Houston.  

“Having safe, reliable roads is key to creating the quality of life that attracts tourists, migrants, and immigrants to our province.”

The PC plan will double the number of kilometers repaired each year which, on average, are 25-30km of repairs each year in every rural constituency.