Houston, PCs have solutions for the Healthcare Crisis in Cape Breton

Cape Bretoners have been loud and clear about the need to fix the crisis in healthcare on the Island. While Tim Houston and the PC Party have spent that last year offering solutions, Iain Rankin and the Liberals have spent the last years offering excuses.

According to the NSHA, Cape Breton saw a rise of call and visits for urgent and crisis level care for addictions and mental health and suicide attempts. This comes on top of reports that the Cape Breton hospitals have the highest mortality rates in the country for the third year in a row.

“There is hope for healthcare on Cape Breton, but it requires a change in leadership from the Liberal’s Halifax-centric approach to working with the communities to deliver results,” says Houston. “Cape Bretoners, and all Nova Scotians, face a clear choice in this election - a continued health care crisis with Iain Rankin or solutions with a PC government.”

Cape Breton was also left out of a recent pilot project to provide virtual care for the nearly 72,000 Nova Scotians without a family doctor. The family doctor shortage, the lack of access to mental health services, and surgery wait times have been at a crisis point for years on the Island.

“After eight years of Liberal governments, the healthcare crisis in Cape Breton continues to get worse” says Brian Comer, PC Candidate for Cape Breton East. “Cape Bretoners deserve a government that will make the necessary investments to fix health care. The PC Party is the only Party with the plans and the vision to truly make improvements in healthcare.”

Cape Breton’s chronic emergency room closures continued as ERs experienced closures today at Glace Bay Hospital, Victoria County Memorial Hospital, New Waterford Consolidated Hospital, and the Northside General Hospital where the ER is closed until further notice.

Last year, the Glace Bay and Northside General ERs had the most hours closed of any hospitals in the province, being closed 77% and 73% of the time, respectively.

“When people need emergency care, their first thought shouldn’t be to go online to check if their local emergency room is open,” says Pauline Singer, PC candidate for Sydney-Membertou. “The PC Party has detailed solutions to address health care at the roots of the problem so we can recruit more health care professionals and reduce pressure on our emergency rooms.”

PC Leader Tim Houston’s Solutions for Nova Scotians is a detailed, costed plan that will bring record investments to fix the healthcare crisis, including:

  • Aggressively recruiting and retaining doctors;
  • Become the first province to introduce universal mental health care;
  • Build at least 2,500 new single, long-term care beds and hire 2,000 more health care workers to staff them;
  • Introduce a $500 grant to help seniors stay in their own homes;
  • Opening up operating rooms beyond 9 to 5;
  • Providing virtual care for Nova Scotians without a family doctor; and
  • Removing the gag order on health care workers who want to improve the system

Only Tim Houston and the PC Party have common sense solutions to deliver access to primary care, universal mental healthcare and regional autonomy to Cape Breton.