Houston, PCs listening to Nova Scotians on COVID-19 recovery

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston will be in Colchester County the next two days reaching out to those who helped out neighbours and strangers during the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges of the last few months.

Houston has been travelling the province and meeting with Nova Scotians to hear concerns about how COVID-19 has affected them, as well as local businesses.

“I’m so happy to be out and about, connecting with Nova Scotians again,” says Houston. “Technology was great in the intermediate but nothing beats in-person conversations.”

The PC Leader and Truro-Bible-Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River MLA Dave Ritcey will be visiting numerous businesses in the county.

Houston will also be presenting Crystal Blair with a Nova Scotia recognition certificate today.

As many Nova Scotians will remember, Ms. Blair runs the restaurant at the Glenholme Loop Petro Pass near Masstown, N.S. After hearing that truck drivers had nowhere to stop to access washrooms or eat, she decided to open her facility to truck drivers only - for free.

“It’s been challenging for many Nova Scotians, but Crystal’s dedication to her community is the silver lining we all need,” says Houston.” I can’t wait to stop by and present her with this certificate and thank her for all her work.”

Houston has offered numerous solutions to the government in reopening the economy. They can be found here. Most recently, Houston stressed the importance of a tourism incentive for Nova Scotians.

In May, Tim Houston and the Progressive Conservatives presented Ready for What’s Next, a plan to give a boost to tourism and the economy. That plan would incentivize people to explore and travel throughout the province with a $200 hospitality tax credit.

“It’s no secret that the economy is suffering in Nova Scotia, and while residents can’t travel far, they can travel within the province,” says Houston. “Many businesses could use the incentives we are proposing... A little help would go a long way.”