Houston, PCs, present plan for diversity in education

A PC Government will ensure that Nova Scotia classrooms reflect the vibrancy of our province. Joined by a diverse slate of PC candidates, including education professionals, PC Leader Tim Houston announced that a PC government will introduce diversity curriculums at every level of education.

“A PC Government will revamp our curriculum so that every child knows that they belong in Nova Scotia,” says Houston. “Teaching each other to value and respect diversity empowers students to be more open to other perspectives.”

A PC Government will ensure that the social studies curriculum properly relays the rich, vibrant, dynamic cultures of Mi’kmaq people, African Nova Scotians and Acadians.

The curriculum will also enhance the governing structure of the education system to ensure the Council on Mi’kmaq Education and the Council on African Canadian Education are in regular contact with the Minister of Education and that their voices are heard.

“These changes to the curriculum will ensure that our education system reflects the diversity of Nova Scotians,” says Darryl Johnson, PC candidate for Cole Harbour. “In order to bring about a more inclusive province we need to ensure that we have a more inclusive education system that understands and empowers our diverse communities.”

Houston was joined by the following candidates:

Darryl Johnson, PC candidate for Cole Harbour, works with community libraries, youth, and sports.
Brian Wong, PC candidate for Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank, and former educator.
Sura Hadad, PC candidate for Bedford South, is a part-time instructor at Dalhousie University.

These changes to our education system celebrate the differences in ethnicity, socio-economic class, religion, academic and athletic talent, background, gender, and individuality.

“For more than 60 years the PC Party of Nova Scotia has been a champion of human rights in our province,” says Houston. “I’m so proud to stand alongside the most diverse slate of candidates in our history as we look to build on this legacy.”