Houston PCs the only team with a plan to increase middle-class/working-class wages

New inflation figures released earlier this week show why Nova Scotia needs a broad-based approach to better wages, says Dartmouth North PC candidate Lisa Coates.

In a report issued Wednesday, Statistics Canada reported that Nova Scotia’s inflation rate jumped 4.1 percent in the last 12 months. Canada’s inflation meanwhile increased 3.1 percent over the same period.

“This news confirms what we all know - everything is getting more expensive for Nova Scotians under the Rankin Liberals,” said Coates, a trailblazing entrepreneur who was Atlantic Canada’s first Black female general contractor.  “That’s why we need Tim Houston’s Better Pay Cheque Guarantee, an innovative new tool to make businesses pay their employees more or hire new staff.”

The Better Pay Cheque Guarantee forces companies to choose between paying taxes to the government or investing that money in their employees. Coates noted that the success of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy in protecting jobs - which had all-party support in Ottawa - shows what can happen when politicians focus on supporting employers in providing good, well-paying jobs.

“The solution to helping Nova Scotians deal with the increasing cost of living is a better paycheque for workers,” concluded Coates.  “As a member of Tim Houston’s team, that’s what I will fight for as MLA for Dartmouth North.”