Houston: Police should remain a priority for COVID-19 vaccinations

Those who protect our communities should be a priority for vaccinations, says PC Leader Tim Houston.

“Police officers’ interactions with the public put them at an increased risk of being exposed to COVID-19,” says Houston.

Recently, Nova Scotia police agencies were told that they would no longer be scheduled to be vaccinated during Phase 2 of the vaccine rollout.

According to Nova Scotia’s Coronavirus website, Phase 2 vaccination priorities include those who live or work in correctional facilities and shelters. Houston says that police officers should remain in this phase of the vaccine rollout because of their interactions with these groups and the broader community.

“If bumping police officers down the queue for vaccines is a supply issue, then the outgoing Premier and his replacement should join the other provinces in pressuring their federal cousins to secure more supply,” says Houston.

“Today, it’s police officers being told they are no longer a priority, but I fear the priority list will get even smaller if vaccine supply continues to be in question.”