Houston puts forward PC solutions for Nova Scotia Farmers

PC Leader Tim Houston was the only party leader to attend the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture’s Leaders’ debate Wednesday.

“Nova Scotia’s agriculture sector is valued at $2.3 billion and includes thousands of hardworking men and women,” said Houston. “I attended the Federation’s debate to let them know I value their contributions to our province and to share with them my solutions for a growing, successful industry.”

One of the cornerstones of the PC platform “Solutions for Nova Scotians” is the Nova Scotia Loyal program. The innovative policy puts ‘local’ at the heart of our economic recovery by rewarding shoppers with cash back for buying participating local products.

“Nova Scotians want to support each other, they want to buy local foods, and we’re going to make it easier to discover the products made and sold at home,” says Houston. “It’s about supporting our farmers, but it’s also about supporting a stronger economy that benefits us all.”

To encourage young people to enter the agricultural sector, those under the age of 30 who become agriculture technicians and others in demand trade professions will pay no tax on their first $50,000 of income.

“When farmers are thriving, our province has better food security and a vibrant economy,” Houston concluded. “By attending this debate, I let farmers know a PC government will not take them for granted.”