Houston releases NS plan that's Better than a Carbon Tax

Today, Premier Tim Houston called on the federal Liberals to scrap a plan to impose a carbon tax on Nova Scotians. Instead, the federal government should allow Nova Scotia to proceed with our made-in-Nova Scotia plan that is better than a carbon tax at reducing emissions.

The plan was submitted to the Government of Canada and outlines how Nova Scotia will reduce emissions while ensuring Nova Scotians are not hit with a burdensome new tax.

This made-in-Nova Scotia plan would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 per cent, which is far greater than the federal carbon tax reductions of two per cent. If a carbon tax is forced on Nova Scotians by the federal government, gas prices are expected to rise 14 cents per litre.

“Nova Scotia is already a national leader in reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change. We can achieve our ambitious GHG targets without a punishing federal carbon tax,” said Premier Houston. “We have an opportunity to lead the way in the fight against climate change. We are asking the federal government to park the carbon tax so we can make history together.”

Ask your MLA and MP if they will join our PC Government in supporting Nova Scotia's plan to reduce emissions that is Better than a Carbon Tax.

You can read the submission from Premier Houston to the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change by clicking here.