Houston’s plan to govern on display in PC Party Superbowl Sunday ad

Liberals may have a new leader but the Nova Scotia PC Party is ready to elect Premier Tim Houston whenever an election is called.

Party readiness will be on display tonight when the latest television commercial starring leader Tim is unveiled during Super Bowl LV.

“It’s bold advertising that shows how far the Party has already come in prepping for the next election,” says provincial campaign co-chair Tara Miller. “We want as many people in this province to know that we're an alternative to the sitting government, we care about the direction this province is going and we have the ideas and the credibility to go with it.”

After eight years of cuts and high taxes, Nova Scotians expect a clear plan to fix the problems that the Rankin-McNeil Liberals created. The new Liberal leader supported all those policies for almost a decade.

Both Miller and co-chair Cameron MacKeen are thrilled with the work PC leader Tim Houston and Caucus are putting in preparing plans that will be carried into the campaign platform.

“The Opposition is not governing in your typical manner. They’re not just criticizing for the sake of criticizing. They’re putting in a lot of work, researching innovative solutions and presenting them to voters way in advance of an election call,” says MacKeen. “We are feeling momentum from across this province. Tara and I are very pleased with the quality of candidates coming forward to run under the PC banner.”

The PC Party has 27 nominated candidates. There are 12 new candidates; seven are women and five are men. Of note, three Muslim women are carrying the PC banner.

PC leader Tim Houston has made it a priority to make sure that diversity and inclusion are at the forefront.

“Making sure our team is diverse is very important. For all Nova Scotians to feel represented in their government, they need to see themselves. I’m working towards that,” says Houston. “It takes a lot of courage to put your name on a ballot, and I thank everyone who has committed to running for the PC Party with me as leader.”

Houston says whether it’s touring the province during the summer or talking directly to Nova Scotians during the big game, he’s excited to share our plans for what’s possible here.