Houston: Testing at points of entry, 24-hour vaccinations needed

As Nova Scotians approach a full year of living with COVID-19, PC Leader Tim Houston says it’s time for the Liberal government to implement testing at airports, and plan around-the-clock vaccinations.

“Nova Scotians made enormous sacrifices and worked hard to get ahead of the curve,” says Houston. “Now, our government has to step up and do its part to keep us ahead of the curve.”

Government issues flight exposure notices but refuses to fund airport testing. Houston notes that when the government finally gave in and allowed asymptomatic testing, Nova Scotians responded. The government processed a record number of tests yesterday, with the majority coming from asymptomatic testing, but zero testing was done at our airport.

Houston has called for testing at points of entry back since early in the summer. He says setting up testing at airports would be easy so he wonders why there is continued resistance.

“Nova Scotians are stepping up and getting tested,” says Houston. “They have the right to expect the same from any person stepping into this province.”

Houston also renewed his ask for the government to commit to 24-hour vaccinations, so when the slow roll-out picks up, Nova Scotians aren’t stuck waiting. Medical professionals such as dentists and pharmacists have said they are willing to assist.

“The federal government's rollout has let everyone down,” says Houston. “When they get their act together, Nova Scotia must be ready to administer it fast, faster than a 9-5 schedule.”