Iain Rankin’s signs of a desperate campaign

On August 17th Nova Scotians face a choice between a failing healthcare system, pork-barrel politics, and desperate campaign tactics from Iain Rankin’s dying Liberal government, or clear, confident, common sense leadership from Tim Houston’s PC Party.

Iain Rankin has also adopted a habit of avoiding reporters and even fleeing his own announcements to dodge questions.

“Leaders who are confident in their record and confident in their vision don’t fear monger about their opponents and they certainly don’t run away from reporters,” says PC Campaign Co-Chair Tara Miller. “It is clear the Rankin Liberals are losing confidence in their own ability to defend their policies and with that, their ability to lead the province.”

With every desperate action, the Rankin Liberals are demonstrating their campaign is in a death spiral. The panicked Liberals have resorted to desperate campaign tactics including, but not limited to:

  • Hiding Iain Rankin from reporters and limiting media questions;
  • Making new promises, absent from their “platform”;
  • Sending their Finance Minister to try to discredit opposition platforms;
  • Making baseless and deceptive claims about political opponents;
  • Clinging to a shameful double standard that saw their former Candidate in Dartmouth South turfed but kept a Liberal Cape Breton candidate whose Twitter activity is offensive; and
  • Claiming he was not drinking despite evidence from police, witnesses, and a breathalyzer, the morning he flipped his car.

“Nova Scotians are ready for change and that comes in the form of a PC government,” says Miller. “The PCs are the only Party in a position to replace the Rankin Liberals in government and the only Party with solutions to fix the healthcare crisis.”

Iain Rankin’s troubles didn’t begin during the campaign. More than forty percent of the Liberal Caucus decided not to follow Iain Rankin into the election, one of those Members resigning over Rankin’s refusal to deal with misogyny amongst his staff.