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June 30, 2020


Scheduled Meetings

There are no scheduled meetings are on the calendar at this time.


Party Events

We are pleased to announce that PCHQs in Halifax has resumed operations and business hours at 1660 Hollis Street, Halifax.  While Lisa and I are on site daily Monday through Friday, regulations on safe practices are in place regarding our building and our offices.  We always welcome visitors to our office, however, we would ask that you let us know in advance if you plan to drop in. Please call our regular number (902) 429-9470. An email is always appropriate to or to Lisa at

Given the Provincial COVID-19 Restrictions in Nova Scotia and to ensure a safe environment for our members, the PC Party continues to act in compliance with any provincial directives and ask that no local constituency association host any public meetings or events until further notice.  The safest resources for you to follow guidelines are through Public Health officials.  In Nova Scotia, you can learn what measures you should be taking and see what restrictions are in place:

On the most recent askTIM, the PC leader addressed the reopening of the classrooms in September.

Follow updates on the PC Party of Nova Scotia Facebook Page

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Message of the Week -- President Julie Chaisson

Last week I had the privilege of chairing our first virtual President's Council Meeting. We had great attendance with 54 people logging in to hear from our campaign co-chairs and of course our leader Tim Houston.

Tim's comments surrounded the vision, mission and values of the PC Party. We have such a great Party.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have a great party because of our greatest asset which is all of you.

At a grassroots level - Together we will be creating a future for our communities that is worthy to strive for.

My friends, Your. Voice. Matters!

We need you. We need you to join Tim's voice and amplify it in your communities.

I want you to tell them about our leader, Tim Houston.
Tell them how he values his family and community.
How he leads with integrity and believes that standards are important.
Let them know that he faces challenges head on.
Tell them what a great Premier he will be!

Tell them about our PC Party's story.
Our story is a good story...
We are a political movement that makes policy with a purpose and takes responsibility and accountability for our decisions.
Our membership is part of every hometown.
We take pride in our cultures, our communities, and our province.
We want our neighborhoods to be healthy and sustainable.
We care for the environment and local community matters.
We believe in integrity and treating each other really well.
We are compassionate and caring for those who need support.
We champion entrepreneurship based on hard work and discipline.
We believe that this province is rich with opportunity and has a bright future to offer us all, with the right leadership.
We are made up of people others can believe in.

It’s your story, it’s our story - and after the next election it will be Nova Scotia’s story!

Julie Chaisson, President


Special Occasions This Week

June 26th Happy 65th Birthday to treasurer Mary Theresa Rodgers(Guysborough-Tracadie)

June 29th   Happy Birthday to former interim Leader and premier Roger Bacon (Cumberland North)

June 29th   Happy Birthday to provincial executive member District 8 DVP Mike Salterio (Halifax Needham)

July 5th   Happy Birthday to constituency president Adam Smith (Halifax Citadel-Sable Island)


Sympathy Notes

June 16th  2020 Jean Bentley (Cumberland South) of Westchester passed away.  Condolences to her family including husband Avard Bentley. Avard & Jean were honoured by the Cumberland South PCs in 2013  as Volunteers of the Year.  She and Avard owned Bentley’s Blueberries and Maple.  Jean was a well known community volunteer with the local Fire Department auxiliary as well as with the Maple Producers Council.


Tory Treats

About 20 years ago, the PC Youth published The Blue Cook Book:Here’s a great one for Canada Day from Adam Church of Hants West, a former PC Youth and former member of our provincial executive who now calls Ontario home.

“Canadian Bacon Macaroni & Cheese”  Ingredients:  1 cup elbow macaroni; 2 tablespoons butter or margarine; 1 cup canned tomatoes (half drained); 6 strips Canadian style bacon; 2 ½ tablespoons flour; 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese.

Method: Bring a pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add macaroni and cook for 8 to 10 minutes (al dente). Drain and while macaroni is boiling, fry or broil bacon and then place on toweling to drain.  Cut bacon in bite size pieces. Melt butter or margarine in large saucepan over medium low heat. Stir in flour, then tomatoes and wait for sauce to thicken., stirring occasionally.  When thickness is to your liking stir in shredded cheese until it has melted.  Stir in cooked macaroni and bacon and allow to heat through. Serve hot. Makes 2 to 4 servings.


Notes of Interest

Dartmouth East PCs conducted a virtual AGM on June 29th. The following officers were elected:  George Butt is the new president taking over from Sabrina Fenyvesi. 1st Vice President: Claire Belliveau; 2nd Vice President: Sean Awalt; Secretary: Anne Stewart; Ryan MacDonald: Treasurer; Legal Counsel: Ken Langille; Past President: Sabrina Fenyvesi

MLA Dave Ritcey was sworn in as MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River on June 24. He was elected in the March 10 byelection.  David’s Office is located in Truro at 141 Victoria Street.  His contact 902-897-0884  Email

Colchester North PC’s conducted a virtual AGM on June 9th. The following officers were elected by acclamation: Gary Burley-President; Gary Black -Vice President; Barbara Burley-Secretary; Elaine Orr- Treasurer; Don Frizzel, Robert Langille, Elmer MacKinnon,, Don Myatt, Doug Sutherland, Tom Taggart, Bobby Baxter, Pierre Trembly, Larry Faulkner – Directors;  Rebecca Taylor- Candidate of Record and Glen Rankin -Past President.

Colchester Musquodoboit Valley PC Association conducted a virtual AGM on June 2nd. The following officers were elected by acclamation: President Andy Smith; Vice Presidents Pam Osborne, Paula Henderson, Randy Doncaster, Stacy Harrison; Secretary Verafaye Smith; Treasurer Dean Doncaster and Past President Ed Caddell.

The Conservative Party of Canada Voting in the leadership race will be by mail-in ballot with results to be announced after August 21st.  Info at .


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