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August 12, 2020


Scheduled Meetings

Wednesday, August 19th @ 7:00pm Timberlea Prospect Virtual AGM. Members from Timberlea Prospect will be sent a Zoom Link to participate in the meeting. Further info, contact president Hamish Malkin Speakers:  Leader Tim Houston


Party News

We are pleased to announce that PCHQs in Halifax has resumed operations and business hours at 1660 Hollis Street, Halifax.  While Lisa and I are on site daily Monday through Friday, regulations on safe practices are in place regarding our building and our offices.  We always welcome visitors to our office, however, we would ask that you let us know in advance if you plan to drop in. Please call our regular number (902) 429-9470. An email is always appropriate to or to Lisa at

Given the Provincial COVID-19 Restrictions in Nova Scotia and to ensure a safe environment for our members, the PC Party continues to act in compliance with any provincial directives.  The safest resources for you to follow guidelines are through Public Health officials.  In Nova Scotia, you can learn what measures you should be taking and see what restrictions are in place:

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Follow Leader Tim Houston's Summer Tour on his Facebook Page by clicking here


Message of the Week — from Chris Lydon, Chair, PCNS Fund

While a very challenging year, where normalcy was rewritten and hardships seemed around every corner, I have been very impressed with our Leader and our Caucus. Their ability to walk that delicate line between non-partisan solidarity in times of crisis and holding a Government seemingly uninterested in even maintaining the most basic tenets of democracy accountable, has done our Party proud. 

Now we have to turn our heads (and our pockets) to providing Tim and the team every resource we can to see that change comes about. When the pandemic struck, Tim rightly instructed the Party to cease all fundraising, so we could focus all of our energy on supporting our families, our fellow Nova Scotians and flattening the curve. It was the right thing to do. But, as a result, we have fallen way behind our fundraising targets for the year.

Financial hardship has hit many of us, social distancing makes in-person fundraising events impossible and we still have an election to get ready for. We must provide the Leader and Caucus the resources they need to reach out and inform Nova Scotians about their Ready for What’s Next plan. We need your help to share our ideas with Nova Scotians and start building our election war chest.

The change Nova Scotia deserves is just around the corner, and with your help we can achieve it. Please consider replying to the recent correspondence from the Leader, include your thoughts in the survey and if you’re able to contribute financially I encourage you to do so. Don’t forget that you benefit from a 75% tax rebate on donations up to $1000. You can also donate online here:

Thank you in advance … every bit helps,

Chris Lydon, PC Nova Scotia Fund Chair


Special Occasions

August:  Congratulations to Young PC’s president Tristan Shaw (Cole Harbour-Dartmouth) on his pending marriage later this month to Sarah Shaw.

August 11th  Happy Birthday to constituency president Larry Varin(Dartmouth South)

August 12th  Happy Birthday to constituency president Neil DeCoff(Guysborough-Tracadie)

August 14th Happy 75th Birthday to long time party member Fred Delorey Sr. (Antigonish)

August 16th  Happy Birthday to constituency president Merv Steadman(Kings North)

August 16th Happy 100th Birthday to Hazel Ritchie (Dartmouth & Beaver Bank).  Along with her late husband Doug Ritchie, Hazel was a loyal supporter and worker for many years while living in Dartmouth.  She now resides at a nursing home in Beaver Bank where she keeps up past friendships and the political news of the day.

August 17th  Happy Birthday to constituency president Tim Gale (Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank)

August 21st  Happy Birthday to Campaign Co-chair & past party  president Tara Miller (Halifax Citadel-Sable Island)

August 18th  Happy Birthday to MLA Barbara Adams (Eastern Passage)


Sympathy Notes

August 5th 2020 Nelson Rudderham (Sydney-Membertou) passed away at the age of 89. Mr. Rudderham was a proud veteran and a well known Sydney businessman. Condolences to his family including son Dwight Rudderham (Maria) & sister Gail Rudderham-Chernin (Marty).

August 4th 2020 June Murphy (Yarmouth) passed away.  June and her late daughter Vivian Murphy were active for many years in the Party in South West Nova as well as provincially in the Women’s Association. Condolences to her grandson Bryan Murphy.



On August 10th - The Canadian Bill of Rights (1960) - Sixty Years On. 

"Parliament is more than procedure - it is the custodian of the Nation's freedom." 

Those words form part of a speech that John G. Diefenbaker gave in the House of Commons on September 22, 1949. At the time, Diefenbaker was not Prime Minister or leader of our party. Nonetheless, these wise words showed both hindsight and foresight. Hindsight in that Canada has a long rich heritage of upholding the rights and freedoms of the people through the Common Law – parts of which date back at least as far as Magna Carta (1215). Foresight in that Canada's Parliament would come to enumerate in statute basic rights and freedoms it would protect.

As Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John G. Diefenbaker made this a priority for his government. On August 10, 1960, the Canadian Bill of Rights was enacted. Considered quasi-constitutional, some people call the Bill of Rights a forerunner to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (entrenched in Canada's Constitution in 1982). There are notable differences between the Bill and the Charter. For example - the list of rights protected by the Bill include the right to "enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law."  Any references to property rights were removed from the Charter prior to its entrenchment. Still, the Bill of Rights remains good law. Sixty years on, it's a law that protects and expresses our most important rights and freedoms. It’s part of the fibre, marrow and backbone of our democracy.

Written by: Liam O’Brien. Liam was born in Buchans, NFLD, and was a past member of PC Youth when he was a law student at Dalhousie University.



I visited Cape Breton on my Staycation so I thought this would be a great share this week. It’s taken this from a very popular cookbook called “Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens” by Marie Nightingale.  Marie’s son Frank Nightingale is a former president of Chester St. Margaret’s. “Cape Breton Pork Pies”  Ingredients for the Tart Shells:  1 cup Butter; 2 cups Flour; 4 tablespoons of icing sugar. Method: Cut the butter into the flour; add the sugar and knead until well blended. Press a small amount of the dough into small muffin tins.  Bake at 425 over for 10 minutes. When cool, fill with the following filling.   Ingredients for the Filling:  2 cups of Chopped Dates; 1 and a ½ cups brown Sugar; 1 cup Water and some Lemon Juice.  Method: Simmer the filling until the dates are of soft consistency. Cool, then fill the Tart Shells. 

Ice with a Butter Icing.  Has anyone ever had Pork Pies recently?


Notes of Interest

Nominations Opened:  A notice opening the Nomination Period in the following constituencies has been issued:

      • Nominations opened in Kings North & Queens on July 23rd and will close on August 12th at 5:00pm. 
      • Nominations opened on July 28th in Pictou Centre and Cumberland South and will close on August 18th at 5:00pm.  

Inquiries may be directed to the PC Party of NS at (902) 429-9470 or by emailing  

The following candidates have been officially nominated for the next provincial election:

      • Dartmouth East: Tim Halman
      • Eastern Passage: Barb Adams
      • Pictou East: Tim Houston
      • Richmond: Trevor Boudreau
      • Sackville-Cobequid: Steve Craig
      • Sackville-Uniacke: Brad Johns
      • Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River: David Ritcey

Pictou West PCs conducted a Virtual AGM on August 4th. The following officers were elected: President Brendan Nichol; Vice-President Anne Emmett; Vice President Terri Steeves; Treasurer Gord Barnes;  Acting Secretary Anne Emmett;  Past President Shawn Ryan

Dartmouth East PCs conducted a Virtual AGM on June 29th. The following officers were elected:  George Butt is the new president taking over from Sabrina Fenyvesi. 1st Vice President: Claire Belliveau; 2nd Vice President: Sean Awalt; Secretary: Anne Stewart; Ryan MacDonald: Treasurer; Legal Counsel: Ken Langille; Past President: Sabrina Fenyvesi

The Conservative Party of Canada Ballots must be received in Ottawa by August 21st. It’s been reported that mail is taking up to 10 days to arrive in Ottawa so if you haven’t mailed your ballot, courier is an option or you should contact the campaign of your favoured candidate for another option.  Results to be announced a few days following the close of voting.  More Info at .


There are many ways to support the Party with a donation today:

      1. Mail a cheque to PCNS Fund, Suite 1003 – 1660 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1V7
      2. On – Line at and click on DONATE
      3. E-Transfer to
      4. Telephone (902) 429-9470
      5. Consider becoming a Monthly Donor:   Call us at (902) 429-9470 to discuss some of the Party benefits of being a monthly donor.


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