Increasing #CodeCriticals shows failure from Liberal Government

When a Nova Scotian calls 9-1-1, they shouldn’t be worried about whether or not paramedics are available or how long it will take them to get there; they should just expect help to arrive quickly.

A recent spike in ‘#CodeCritical Alerts’ has many people concerned, but not Premier Rankin.

When asked yesterday, Iain Rankin told reporters that he didn’t know what was causing #CodeCritical alerts at the local level and brushed off the question, telling reports instead to reach out to the Department of Health.

“Liberal platitudes and promises have not led to meaningful change on the ground for paramedics and Nova Scotians. And an increasing number of #CodeCritical warnings demonstrate just that,” says Colton LeBlanc, PC MLA for Argyle-Barrington and former paramedic.

The Paramedics' Union reported more than 34 Code Criticals this past weekend, representing instances where not enough ambulances are available to service their community.

It’s clear that Nova Scotia's prehospital emergency health system is not a priority for the Rankin Liberals, but Tim Houston’s PC Party is presenting a bold vision for a modern healthcare system where patients can get the care they need, when they need it.

“Weak leadership from Iain Rankin and his Liberal government has not helped Nova paramedics who are increasingly facing burnout as they provide a tireless and crucial service for Nova Scotians.”
The PC Party is putting forward real solutions through their Hope for Health and Dignity for Seniors plans. In building more long-term care beds, fewer seniors will occupy beds in hospitals while waiting for long-term care.

The PC’s aggressive doctor recruitment, healthcare modernization, and increased surgery hours will ensure that more Nova Scotians have access to care where they need it, rather than contributing to the already overcrowded emergency rooms across the province.