Leader Information

A Nova Scotia that can Thrive

Are you tired of hearing “we’ve always done it this way”?

Are you done with being discouraged and held back with red tape and bureaucracy?

Are you looking for leadership that values solutions over excuses?

I believe this province deserves better. I know that we can work together to unleash our potential with a modern, responsive government, but we just need someone willing to do it.

We have tremendous opportunities here, but we’re missing a government that is ready to seize economic opportunities, modernize services, and address the healthcare crisis.

Since being elected Leader of Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservatives in 2018, I’ve been focused on putting together a team to form the next PC government so that we can work to achieve these goals.

Our message is resonating with Nova Scotians. We have won six of the seven by-elections held in this province since 2017. We’ve proven we’re not afraid to bring forward bold new legislation to revitalize healthcare, protect children and help unleash our economy.

Our party is growing because people see the Progressive Conservatives as a big-tent party that represents all Nova Scotians. We’re building a party for those who have felt ignored, disrespected and overburdened under the Liberals.

I hear regularly from Nova Scotians who are concerned about overcrowded hospitals, doctor shortages and high taxes. The current approach to government isn’t working.

People across this province inspire me to fight every day to bring much-needed change to our province.

That’s why I got involved in politics: to do things differently.

As Premier, I will lead a government that addresses our demographic challenges, works to improve our healthcare system, and boosts our economy so that you can live in a province that supports your ambitions and lets your family succeed.

Let's work together to build a province where everyone can thrive.