LeBlanc calls out province for failing to provide vaccine to Yarmouth Hospital

While other parts of the province are celebrating the arrival and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, Southwestern Nova Scotia is being told to wait until early February.

This is unacceptable to Argyle-Barrington MLA Colton LeBlanc, who says the Yarmouth Regional Hospital has the freezer capability to store the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
“People have waited, sacrificed and stayed home waiting for a vaccine,” says LeBlanc. “While vaccinations are happening across the province, why should Sou'West Nova Scotia be left to wait?”
The answer appears to be - at least partially - a lack of supply in the province. LeBlanc reached out to Dr. Strang for clarification, who stated that due to limited supply of the vaccine, the Yarmouth Regional Hospital wasn’t scheduled to receive a vaccine delivery until early February.
“The provincial Liberal government is responsible for ensuring that every Nova Scotian gets its share of the vaccine,” said LeBlanc. “So why did healthcare workers in an entire section of the province get left out of the initial roll out? Why should Yarmouth be treated any differently than Halifax?”
LeBlanc says he hasn’t seen the province put pressure on the federal Liberal government, and if supply is an issue, the province should take it up with their Liberal cousins.
“The provincial Liberal government has to stand up to their federal counterparts if supply is not sufficient,” says LeBlanc. “Every region in this province should be treated equally, full stop.”