LeBlanc delivers for Argyle-Barrington on Exit 32

Residents of Argyle-Barrington are a step closer to safer roads. After years of pressure from multiple local representatives, the government has agreed to improvements to
Exit 32 on Highway 103.

MLA Colton LeBlanc is pleased to hear a firm commitment is in place.

“There’s always been concern about Exit 32. There have been far too many accidents and near-misses in that area. It’s a matter of public safety,” says LeBlanc. “I have met with local and senior staff from TIR about this project, so this is really welcomed news. It has been a priority for me since being elected and for my constituents for years before that.”

During budget estimates, the Minister for Transportation Infrastructure and Renewal, Lloyd Hines, said the Department intends to have it enter the Five Year Plan - that will be released in December. Both LeBlanc and former MLA Chris d’Entremont had put pressure on the government to support the project.

The news came when LeBlanc asked the Minister to clarify how the level of priority Exit 32 is for the government. Hines assured LeBlanc that the Department is committed to improving safety at that site and that the Department has started preliminary design plans.

“I’m glad the government is finally responding to this issue. For too long, this intersection has been overlooked for too long by government,” says LeBlanc. “I’m looking forward to the government being transparent, releasing the design plan and consulting with the public.”

In response to PC caucus questions 2016, the previous Minister of Transportation indicated that the government was considering improving the safety of the location, but with no firm commitment until yesterday.