Letter to Minister Blair from Nova Scotia PC Caucus

Today, August 12th,  Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston, sent a letter to federal Hon. Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair, and issued the following statement:


There was swift backlash against the federal and provincial governments for their refusal to call a public inquiry into April’s mass shooting.

I was relieved to see the government change course, but the stress and pain they caused families of those killed was wholly unnecessary. Their actions did lasting damage to public confidence, and both levels of government would be smart to demonstrate their commitment to transparency going forward.


That’s why today, I wrote to Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair to get his assurances that the terms of reference that guide this Inquiry will be broad in scope. 


Nova Scotians must feel confident in this process. Any person called to present information during this Inquiry must be required to present accurate information, free of bias. The inquiry needs to examine RCMP policy and the deployment of the emergency alert system, among many other issues. The inquiry also must take place in Nova Scotia.


I have also written to the Conflict Commissioner to ensure that Minister Mark Furey’s previous role in the RCMP is not at odds with his current role as Minister of the Crown as it relates to this inquiry.


A full inquiry is the only way to answer the questions that so many of us have. It’s the only way to show that the federal and provincial governments are doing everything possible to protect public safety. 


Read the letter to Minister Blair.