Liberals neglect rural roads in Prince’s Inlet, Lunenburg communities

Horrible road conditions are a safety hazard for Prince’s Inlet and surrounding areas and are a concern for voters on the doorsteps in Lunenburg, says PC candidate Susan Corkum-Greek.

The Property Owners Association of Prince’s Inlet and Areas issued a press release stating that they have met with senior government officials and local MLAs, yet no progress has been made.

“When roads are a safety hazard for local residents, for tourists, and for ambulances, it is a clear sign that the government has failed to invest,” says Corkum-Greek, who is the PC candidate for Lunenburg. “Lunenburg deserves an MLA who won’t ignore these concerns and who is putting forward solutions to improve rural roads.”

The solution put forward by Tim Houston and the PC team is the most significant rural road growth plan in Nova Scotia history. It would double the Gravel Road Reconstruction Program (GRRP) budget to $40,000,000 and the Rural Impact Mitigation Fund (RIM) to $22,000,000 per year.

The PC Party recognizes the critical need for improving and growing our rural roads. The GRRP will fund projects including ditching, culvert replacement, brush cutting and a reconstruction of the road base with eight inches of gravel. At the same time, the RIM will proactively rebuild roads to improve the structure and drainage, resulting in longer-lasting roads, improved safety, and reduced maintenance costs.

“If we want to promote Lunenburg and the area as a hub for tourism and economic activity, then we need to invest in the necessary infrastructure,” says Corkum-Greek. “There is a lot of potential for our community, we just need the right leadership and the right investments.”