Liberals press the panic button – deploy three cabinet ministers to attack Tim Houston

As PC Leader Tim Houston led the charge in last night’s CBC election debate presenting his solutions to Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis, the Rankin Liberals were in full panic mode

PC Deputy Leader and Pictou Centre PC candidate Pat Dunn noted that three Liberal cabinet ministers – Deputy Premier Kelly Regan, Finance Minister Labi Kousoulis and Health Minister Zach Churchill sent emails Wednesday night to Liberal supporters attacking Tim Houston.
“Anyone who’s been around politics knows that when three top cabinet ministers go after an opposition leader on debate night, it’s because the government party is losing and the opposition party is winning,” said Dunn. “Nova Scotians need to brace themselves for more desperate attacks from the Rankin Liberals who are scared that more and more voters are looking to Tim Houston’s PC Team for solutions to Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis.”
Dunn was surprised that Rankin’s inner circle chose the senior cabinet ministers they did, based on the political baggage that each of them has in the eight-year-old Liberal government, the second-longest serving provincial government in Canada:
• Deputy Premier Kelly Regan said nothing when her former cabinet colleague Margaret Miller accused Iain Rankin of hiring someone in the Premier’s Office who demonstrated sexism and misogyny against female Liberal MLAs;
• Regan has also been silent as her current cabinet colleague Suzanne Lohnes-Croft criticized the Liberal Party’s disqualification of the former Dartmouth South Liberal candidate – which has been also been criticized by prominent Liberals across Canada, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s former advisor Gerald Butts;
• Kousoulis was a key player in the scandal involving Premier Stephen McNeil’s former communications director Kyley Harris – having falsely claimed that women’s groups supported the decision by former Premier Stephen McNeil and then-Liberal caucus chair Iain Rankin to rehire Harris in the Liberal Caucus Office after Harris was convicted of a violent domestic assault of his female partner; and
• As Iain Rankin’s Health Minister, Zach Churchill’s record is one where the number of Nova Scotians without a family doctor has increased to 70,000, the nursing shortage has hit a 30 year high, code criticals for ambulances are skyrocketing, rural emergency departments are closing throughout the province and seniors continue to go without care.
“Nova Scotians won’t be fooled by Iain Rankin’s attack squad sending out the same old cabinet ministers who are the face of Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis and sexist double standards,” added Dunn.  “The people want solutions – starting with PC Leader Tim Houston being the only party leader that is making healthcare his number one priority as Premier.”