Liberals walk-back pledge to improve safety for Exit 32

Argyle-Barrington MLA Colton LeBlanc is calling on Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) Minister Llyod Hines to explain why Highway 103 - Exit 32 is not included in today’s Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan, when already committing to doing so during March 2020 budget estimates.

“The Minister made a commitment to the people of Argyle-Barrington that their safety was a priority to his government,” says LeBlanc. “He stood in the House of Assembly and said this would be included in today’s plan. Why did he say that just to go back on his word and kick this issue down the road yet again?”

During a convening of budget estimates for TIR in March 2020, LeBlanc asked whether improvements to Exit 32 on Highway 103 were a priority for the government. Minister Hines assured LeBlanc that his Department was committed to improving safety at the site. He had begun preliminary design plans and intended to have it enter the Five-Year Plan released today.

“This exit is a serious accident waiting to happen,” says LeBlanc. “There have been too many accidents or near misses for it not to have been a priority for this government.”

LeBlanc and his predecessor, now MP Chris d’Entremont, have been putting pressure on efforts to improve Exit 32.

“I’m shocked that the Minister feels so comfortable making a promise to people just to go back on it without so much as an explanation,” says LeBlanc. “Either he stood up in the Legislature and didn’t mean what he said, or he decided to go back on the promise and never told the people of Argyle-Barrington. Either way, he’s got some explaining to do.”