Lohr calls on Government to help small businesses

Kings North MLA John Lohr says the lack of small business support during the current lockdown is killing small retail in Western Nova Scotia.

“Our small retail businesses are part of the backbone of our communities, and these owners work very, very hard. The current shutdown is favouring the large retailers and killing these businesses,” says Lohr.

Our large retailers are able to sell both essential and non-essential items while our small retailers are shut down.

“The message from Dr. Strang was essential items only. It seems only our small retailers have chosen to follow the rule and they are suffering for it while others prosper. Where is the fairness in that?” Lohr asks.

Local small retailers have done an excellent job all through the pandemic of obeying the rules, contact tracing, hand sanitizing as you enter the store, and keeping to 25% limit for stores that sell essential items.

Lohr notes there have been almost no contact exposures reported in these stores.

“They are currently only allowed curbside pick up. Many are barely surviving with the support that’s been provided,” says Lohr. “It’s time to level the playing field by compensating these businesses fairly for their sacrifices.”