Lohr: Firm plan needed on AstraZeneca

People who received their first AstraZeneca dose want to ensure they have access to a second AstraZeneca dose without worry. Kings North MLA John Lohr wants the government to commit and ensure that no doses go to waste.

“Health Canada has approved the vaccine, and other provinces are administering second doses,” says Lohr. “Why does this Premier only listen to science when it’s convenient for him? We should use it, not waste it.”

Lohr’s constituent, Charlie MacDonald of the Annapolis Valley, says he’s frustrated with the constant chatter around the risks involved with the shot in Nova Scotia and the government floundering on the matter.

“I have a better chance of dying in a plane or automobile accident,” says MacDonald. “I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than getting a blood clot.”

The well-researched vaccine, which helped the United Kingdom vaccinate a large chunk of the population, was approved by Health Canada and given to 57,576 Nova Scotians.

AstraZeneca has been administered as second doses in Ontario for the last week. All studies on mixing doses between types of vaccine have not yet been completed.

“I want my second shot to be AstraZeneca and I don't think the government should dictate to me to mix doses,” says MacDonald. “No one mentioned that at my first shot.”

Lohr says he agrees and had a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine as well. Short of Health Canada pulling the vaccine from use, he says that those who stepped up when asked and took AstraZeneca as a first dose, must have the option to take it as a second.

“I would take the second AstraZeneca dose, too, if given a choice myself,” says Lohr. “It’s just another example of the disorganized response to the COVID-19 crisis we have seen from the Rankin government. It’s weak leadership.”

“First, the Premier opened up too soon, which contributed to the third wave, then shut down without a plan and killed businesses. On top of all that, I don’t want to see vaccines go to waste.”