MacFarlane: Cancer didn’t take a break for COVID-19

Cancer didn’t take a break during the Pandemic, so neither should cancer screening says Karla MacFarlane, PC Healthcare Critic and MLA for Pictou West.

Colon cancer screening kits were paused during the Pandemic and MacFarlane says that many people have yet to receive them.

“Because early detection is key, these screening kits save lives,” says MacFarlane. “I continue to hear from Nova Scotians who have yet to receive their colon cancer screening kits due to the program being paused at the beginning of the pandemic.”

While the distribution of screening kits has resumed, it appears the government has failed to send kits to Nova Scotians who had birthdays in April, May, June, July, and August.

MacFarlane says that it would be nice to be able to ask the Minister of Health when these kits will be available in the Legislature, but alas, was not given that opportunity.

“Any Nova Scotian who has not received their screening kits since turning 50 should get them immediately,” says MacFarlane. “Preventative medicine is very important. We need to equip Nova Scotians with the knowledge and resources, and the government must follow up on their commitment of distributing these kits.”

For anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the government, please call 1-866-599-2267 leave your name and address on the voicemail. You should then receive your colon cancer screen kit in the mail. This is a valuable resource.