Masland, PCs Pass Legislation to Protect Communities from Sex Offenders

An opposition bill that puts heavy restrictions on convicted sex offenders has become law in Nova Scotia.

The Protecting Communities Act introduced last week by Kim Masland, MLA for Queens Shelburne and Progressive Conservative Justice Critic, will prevent those who are convicted of an offence that requires registration on the national sex offender registry, from legally changing their name.

Masland was happy that the common-sense legislation received all party support, and says the collaborative effort from all MLAs is proof that good ideas can prevail over partisanship.

“Today was an example of all parties working together to make Nova Scotia safer,” said Masland. “Sexual predators shouldn’t have the luxury of erasing their past.”

The legislation sees Nova Scotia follow measures introduced in Saskatchewan to ensure provincially-mandated safeguards are in place. In January 2020, it was revealed that a Canadian citizen who served a 20 year sentence in an American prison for 88 child sex offences, had returned to Saskatchewan and legally changed his name.

“Any person convicted of heinous sex offences should never be given the benefit of the doubt after the fact,” said Nova Scotia PC Leader Tim Houston. “We will always be unequivocal when it comes to protecting children and survivors of violence and abuse.”