Masland: The McNeil Liberals continue to ignore concerns for Carters Beach

Nova Scotians have access to hundreds of kilometers of pristine beaches and shoreline, but just like in summers’ past, walking those beaches means dealing with piles of garbage and debris.


Nova Scotians are raising concerns for safety and hygiene at Carters Beach and the McNeil Liberal government continues to ignore their pleas, says Kim Masland, PC MLA for Queens-Shelburne. Masland says the lack of waste management and available washrooms in Port Mouton, is still an issue which has festered unresolved.


Masland and her constituents are losing patience.


“This year, we are supposed to be promoting staycations and local tourism to Nova Scotians,” says Masland. “How can we promote this beautiful beach when the local community is concerned about safety and hygiene due to the pile-up of garbage?”


Masland drove down to see the concerns for herself (see attached photo). "I was absolutely disgusted by what I witnessed and embarrassed that visitors are met with the smell of rotting garbage before the beauty of white sand and turquoise waters.”


Since first entering the Legislature in 2017, Masland has raised this issue in both Question Period and during the Standing Committee on Estimates to three Environment Ministers: Hon. Margaret Miller, Hon. Leo Glavine, and Hon. Iain Rankin.


Masland has repeatedly requested that the government address proper parking, washrooms and refuse facilities. The McNeil Liberals have taken no such action.


“Carters Beach is listed as one of the top ten beaches in Nova Scotia, but it is not being treated with the care it deserves,” says Masland. “My constituents are frustrated, as am I, that our simple requests for proper waste management and washrooms are being ignored.”


Residents of Port Mouton say that a washed up buoy is now being used as a makeshift garbage bin, which highlights the need for proper waste disposal, and is a perfect metaphor for the Liberals' hands off approach to our environment.


Masland hopes that the McNeil Liberals will finally take action, so that Carters Beach can be seen as a source of pride, rather than concern for the local community.